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UMSC 100. The World of Mathematics. 3 credits.
An introductory mathematics course stressing discovery, formulating conjectures, problem solving and validating solutions for problems arising in cognate disciplines. This course is particularly appropriate for the student needing liberal studies credit.
UMSC 101. Science and Human Experience. 3 credits.
A survey of fundamental scientific ideas and principles, including examination of their application in understanding everyday experiences and the ways in which scientific evidence is obtained and assimilated. Particular emphasis is placed on concepts in physics and chemistry and their utility in interpreting many aspects of the world around us. Corequisite: UMSC 100 or other mathematics course as appropriate to the student's major.
UMSC 102A. Environment: Earth. 3 credits.
A study of geological processes causing global change and their impact on human thought. The relationship between geological processes and life on Earth is also considered. UMSC 102A does not count toward a major or minor in geology. Students who have not completed GEOL 100 may not receive credit for UMSC 102A.
UMSC 102B. Discovering Life. 3 credits.
The scope and limitations of biological sciences are studied with some emphasis on social issues that affect public policy. Evolution will be a unifying theme between biology and geology.

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