Department of Management
MGT 300. Management Principles. 3 credits.
A study of management functions, decision processes, resources, planning, organization staffing and control, along with ethical considerations, and political and social influences on business. Prerequisite: Junior standing.
MGT 311. Organizational Behavior. 3 credits.
A study of human behavior and motivation in the business organization. Behavioral science research in administration is discussed and applicability to organizational behavior is treated. Prerequisite: MGT 300.
MGT 365. Personnel Administration. 3 credits.
A study of employer-employee relationships in business and industry including personnel policies and methods; selection, placement, training and promotion of employees; and recent trends in employment practices. Prerequisite: MGT 300.
MGT/IDS 370. Total Quality Management. 3 credits.
The application of statistics to the control of quality in planning, organizing, motivating and controlling quality. Application of models and distributions in statistical quality control, process capability, control charts, acceptance sampling and reliability. Emphasis is on the design, implementation and management of quality throughout the firm. Prerequisite: IDS 191 or equivalent and junior standing. IDS 360 or equivalent is recommended but not required.
MGT 372. Entrepreneurship. 3 credits.
A survey of the field of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs and their significance in the American free enterprise system. Emphasis will be on exploring the theoretical framework of the entrepreneurship process and the entrepreneurial personality. Prerequisite: MGT 300.
MGT 391. Management Analysis and Gaming. 3 credits.
An integration of the functional business areas of economics, production, marketing and finance using gaming techniques to represent the total activities of a business firm. Prerequisite: MGT 300.
MGT 398. Special Topics in Management. 3 credits.
Exploration of areas of contemporary topics. Course content will vary. Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor.
MGT 410. International Management. 3 credits.
A comparative analysis of management styles and organizational effectiveness across cultural boundaries and within other political, legal and economic environments. Prerequisite: FIN 345, MGT 311 and MKTG 380.
MGT 450. Management and Creativity. 3 credits.
Students will become aware of and develop their own creative potential while addressing the problems associated with building creative organizations and managing creative employees.
MGT 460. Government Regulations and Personnel Administration. 3 credits.
Course provides student with an overview of federal regulations and court decisions which affect employment, employee/management relations, compensation, benefits, safety and health. Explores impact of regulations on general business operations. Prerequisite: MGT 365.
MGT 462. Compensation and Benefits. 3 credits.
Compensation and benefit theories, planning and legislation. Topics include job analysis, job evaluation, conducting wage surveys and admission of benefit plans. Prerequisite: MGT 365.
MGT 463. Labor Relations. 3 credits.
An examination of the field of labor relations including the evolution of the labor movement, the structure of unions, public labor policy and the emergence of public sector bargaining. Prerequisite: MGT 365.
MGT 464. Industrial Psychology. 3 credits.
Motivation of workers, leadership, work groups; measurement of job performance and job satisfaction. Prerequisite: MGT 300 and IDS 191, or permission of the instructor.
MGT 465. Senior Seminar in Personnel. 3 credits.
A study of advanced personnel management theory and techniques. Topics include development and implementation of policy and procedures; new techniques in planning, administration and evaluation of human resources management in organizations; and research problems. Prerequisite: Senior standing, MGT 365 and at least nine hours from MGT 460, 462, 463, 464, 466, 467or 468, or permission of the instructor.
MGT 466. Employee Training and Development. 3 credits.
A study of training and development of human resources in organizations. Topics include design, development and evaluation of programs; adult learners; adult development; and career development programs in organizations. Prerequisite: MGT 365.
MGT 467. Human Resource Planning and Strategy. 3 credits.
Study of human resource management from a macro organizational perspective. Emphasizes the role of the human resource manager as a strategic partner in organizational planning. Topics include environmental analysis, forecast techniques, human resource strategies and implementation programs. Prerequisite: MGT 365.
MGT 468. Employee Selection. 3 credits.
A study of the selection of human resources in organizations. Topics include internal and external recruitment, internal and external selection, and testing. Prerequisite: MGT 365.
MGT 472. Venture Creation. 3 credits.
The formulation, financing and operation of new ventures by individual entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial teams will be explored. The course will include a group term project designed to give the students clinical experience in the venture creation process. Prerequisite: FIN 345 and MGT 372, or permission of the instructor.
MGT 473. Small and Family Business Management. 3 credits.
Emphasizes the complexities of family roles and relationships in a family business, operational planning, marketing, financial and administrative controls, and the future of the small and family business. Prerequisite: MGT 300, MGT 311, MGT 372, MKTG 380 or by permission of the instructor.
MGT 474. Entrepreneurial Research and Small Business Consulting. 3 credits, repeatable to 6 credits.
Students will conduct actual research and consulting duties for numerous clients of the Center for Entrepreneurship. Assignments and clients will vary but all students will be expected to work with several entrepreneurs and business owners. Extensive field work required. Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor.
MGT 480. Organization Theory. 3 credits.
Examines the theory and research underlying the design of complex organizations. Takes a macro approach to the study of organizations, placing particular emphasis upon the interaction between an organization and its environment and the impact that the environment has on organizational design, structure and processes. Prerequisite: MGT 300, MGT 311 and senior standing.
MGT 481. Negotiation Behavior. 3 credits.
An overview of negotiation as an effective conflict management device. The process of negotiation is examined in terms of how it affects disputants, the associated social structure and the encompassing system as a whole. Prerequisite: MGT 300, MGT 311 and senior standing.
MGT 484. Planning, Quality and Productivity. 3 credits.
The course focuses primarily on managerial issues for productivity, quality and planning innovations at the operations management level. Prerequisite: MGT 300, MKTG 380, FIN 345, IDS 360 and senior standing.
MGT 485. Management of Technology. 3 credits.
Examines the changing technical environment that is confronting managers in corporate and nonprofit organizations. Attention is focused on the integration and management of new technical areas including flexible manufacturing systems, new product development, computer networks and quality control issues. Prerequisite: MGT 300, MGT 311, IDS 360 and senior standing.
MGT 487. Business Policy. 3 credits.
Deals with strategy and policy formulation, implementation, and effects on the various levels of management. Integrates the functions of marketing, finance and production considering the interpersonal aspects within the social, political, legal, economic and ethical environment. Prerequisite: MGT 300, MKTG 380, FIN 345, IDS 360 and senior standing.
MGT 488. Experiences in Organizational Behavior. 3 credits.
This course offers the student the in-depth study of such variables as motivation, leadership, planning, and control and management of conflict and change. These variables will be studied through the use of in-class experiential exercises. Prerequisite: MGT 311.
MGT 490. Special Studies in Management. 1-3 credits each semester.
Designed to give capable students in management an opportunity to complete independent study under faculty supervision. Prerequisite: Recommendation of the instructor and written permission of the department head prior to registration.
MGT 494. Business Practicum. 3-6 credits.
A course providing an opportunity to work in and with local industry to gain insight into the real side of modern business. Prerequisite: Management, marketing, production/operations management or computer information systems major and senior standing. Recommendation of the instructor and written permission of the department head prior to registration.
MGT 495. Human Resources Internship. 3-6 credits.
Internship in the area of human resource management as a generalist or in a specific area. Prerequisite: MGT 365, recommendation of the instructor and written permission of the department head prior to registration.
MGT 498. Special Topics in Management. 3 credits for each course.
This course is designed to allow explorations of areas of current topical concern or to exploit special situations. Course content will vary. For current course content consult your adviser. Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor.
MGT 499. Honors. 6 credits. Year course.

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