Department of Social Work
GERN/SOCI 280. Social Gerontology. 3 credits.
An interdisciplinary introduction to the study of aging. The course provides an overview of issues surrounding aging in contemporary society: personal, familial, communal and societal. (Formerly SOCI 301.)
GERN 305. Programs and Services for the Elderly. 3 credits.
A review of the programs and services provided for the elderly in the public and private sectors of America. Observations and participation in local programs for the elderly will be required. Prerequisite: GERN 280.
GERN 400. Skills and Techniques in Gerontological Assessment. 3 credits.
The study of the skills and techniques used in assessing the elderly client. Assessment is made from the holistic approach: physical, psychological and social. Prerequisite: GERN 280.
GERN 487. Special Topics in Gerontology. 3 credits.
Examination of selected topics in gerontology which are of current importance in the field of gerontology. Course may be repeated for credit.
GERN 490. Special Studies in Gerontology. 1-3 credits.
Independent study in gerontology under faculty supervision. Limited to gerontology minors. Can be repeated for credit. Prerequisite: GERN 280, 305 and 400.
GERN 495. Field Experience/Seminar in Gerontology (1, 6). 3 credits.
Supervised field experience in gerontology settings that allows observation and experience with the well and frail elderly. A minimum of six hours in the assigned setting each week and one hour seminar on campus. Prerequisite: GERN 280, 305, 400, major elective and approval of the gerontology program coordinator.

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