Family Issues

Department of Social Work
FAM 133. The Contemporary Family. 3 credits.
Concepts of variations in forms and lifestyles of families. Consideration is given to the family life cycle and the interdependency between the family and society.
FAM 300. Child Development. 3 credits.
A study of the factors influencing the physical, cognitive, social and emotional growth of the young child. Emphasis is given to the importance of family relations and development of observational skills. Prerequisite: PSYC 101 or 160, or equivalent.
FAM 330. Family Relations. 3 credits.
A study of the relations in modern family living with emphasis on dating, courtship, marriage, marital adjustments and intergeneration relations.
FAM 335. Parents Throughout the Life Cycle. 3 credits.
Explores the realities of being a mother and father to infants, children, teen-agers, adults and aging adults. Considers parenting strategies and current issues of parenting.

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