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Vocational Education

Department of Human Resource Development

VOED 240. Organization and Administration of Vocational Education. 3 credits.

An introduction to the field of vocational education. Emphasis is placed on an examination of the philosophical foundations of vocational education, legislative foundations and programmatic structures.

VOED 380. Competency-Based Education in Vocational Education. 3 credits.

Methods, procedures and techniques in using the V-TECS system and other related instructional materials necessary for effective implementation of competency-based instruction in vocational education.

VOED 383. Classroom Methodology and Lab Management. 3 credits.

A study of the appropriate techniques and programmatic structures necessary to provide instruction in vocational education at the secondary level. Emphasis is placed on hands-on activities to strengthen instructional skills.

VOED 385. Advising Student Organizations. 3 credits.

A study of the role and nature of cocurricular student organizations in secondary vocational education programs. Emphasis is placed on the skills necessary for the effective administration of such programs. Field experiences are required.

VOED 400. Cooperative Vocational Education Methods. 3 credits.

A study of cooperative vocational education programs and the appropriate methodology to administer those programs. Emphasis placed on the skills necessary to operate effective cooperative education programs. Field experience is included.

VOED 480. Student Teaching in Vocational Education. 12 credits.

Teaching experience in public secondary school classrooms under the supervision of experienced teachers and a university supervisor. Prerequisite: PSYC 160, 270 and EDUC 360; the appropriate methods courses and permission of the coordinator of field experiences.

VOED 486. Practicum in the Lab Setting. 3 credits.

A practicum experience for individuals seeking endorsement in secondary vocational education in one of the following areas: marketing education, trade and industrial education or health occupations education; a part-time experience in the appropriate lab setting for eight weeks.

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