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Secondary Education

Department of Secondary Education, Library Science and Educational Leadership

SEED 101. Orientation to the Profession. 1 credit.

Designed to provide occupational and educational information about careers in secondary schools. Observation and peer interaction opportunities are provided. Prerequisite: Freshman and sophomore secondary education students only.

SEED 371 (A-C and H-K), SEED/BUED 380 (A-B), and SEED/HTH 470. Clinical Techniques: Methodology Sequence. 2-3 credits.

Specific techniques and methods for secondary students in their respective disciplines. Competencies to be developed will include: daily and unit planning, instructional methods, evaluation of student learning, micro-teaching experiences, etc. Will be offered concurrently with SEED 381 (practicum) for field-based, skill-building activities. Prerequisite: PSYC 270, and EDUC 360 and 370.

SEED 371A. Art Education Methods. 3 credits.
SEED 371B. English Education Methods. 3 credits.
SEED 371C. Foreign Language Education Methods. 3 credits.
SEED 371H. Social Studies Education Methods. 3 credits.
SEED 371I. Natural Sciences Education Methods. 3 credits.
SEED 371K. Math Education Methods. 3 credits.
SEED/BUED 380A. Basic Business Subjects. 3 credits.
SEED/BUED 380B. Typing and Related Subjects Methods. 2 credits.
SEED/HTH 470. Health Education Methods. 3 credits.

SEED 381. Field Experience (Practicum) in Secondary Education. 3 credits.

Provides practical classroom experience for secondary education students. Under the supervision of an in-service teacher and their clinical techniques professor, students engage in a variety of classroom activities commensurate with their professional preparation. Prerequisite: PSYC 270 and EDUC 360; corequisite: SEED 371.

SEED 480. Student Teaching in Secondary Education. 12 credits.

A classroom teaching experience in an approved secondary school setting that provides opportunities for students to apply and refine their teaching knowledge and skills under supervised conditions. Ultimately, students are expected to assume primary responsibility for planning, implementing and evaluating learning activities. Prerequisite: All required professional education courses and permission of the director of teacher education services.

SEED 490. Special Studies in Education. 1-3 credits.

Independent study of researchable problems in secondary education. Prerequisite: Plan for the study must be approved by the faculty adviser and the department head.

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