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MUI 221. Survey of the Music Industry. 3 credits.

An overview of the recording, entertainment and performing arts industries including an examination of the historical, aesthetic and commercial developments of the music industry in the United States.

MUI 323. Legal Aspects of the Music Industry (Spring Semester). 3 credits.

An examination of the legal issues affecting the performing arts, recording and music publishing fields. Topics include music rights and licensing, performing arts unions and guilds, artist representation and contractual relationships. Prerequisite: MUS 221.

MUI 324. Audio Devices for Musicians I (Fall Semester). 2 credits.

Introduction to electronic devices used in music recording and reproduction. Prerequisite: MUS 142 and 144; PHYS 110 or equivalent.

MUI 325. Audio Devices for Musicians II (Spring Semester). 2 credits.

Continuation of Audio Devices I; includes sound reinforcement and recording practice. Prerequisite: MUI 324.

MUI 392. Practicum in Music Industry. 1 credit, repeatable to 4 credits.

Supervised cocurricular music industry activities. Students may receive one credit hour per semester. Prerequisite: Practicum Approval Form.

MUI 400. Multi-Track Recording Techniques I (Fall Semester). 3 credits.

An introduction to contemporary multi-track recording studio techniques. Students will be introduced to recording studio design, psycho-acoustics, miking techniques, MIDI and the mixing console. Prerequisite: MUI 325.

MUI 401. Multi-Track Recording Techniques II (Spring Semester). 3 credits.

Advanced multi-track recording studio techniques. Students will examine signal processing, musical instrument digital interface, mixdown and editing procedures. Prerequisite: MUI 400.

MUI 410. Songwriting (Fall Semester). 3 credits.

An introduction to form, lyric development and melodic structure of contemporary songwriting for commercial entertainment applications. The course will include examination of leadsheet writing, demo production, copyright protection and publishing of commercial songs. Prerequisite: MUI 221, MUS 142 and permission of instructor.

MUI 411. Music in Advertising (Spring Semester). 3 credits.

Music for advertising is examined from artistic, cultural, technological and business viewpoints. Procedures for composition, timing, synchronization and recording of advertising music are examined. Prerequisite: MUI 221, MUS 142 and permission of instructor.

MUI 420. Marketing of Recorded Music (Spring Semester). 3 credits.

Examination of the process of studio production, manufacturing, promotion and distribution of contemporary recordings. Record release programs for independent and major label controlled products are analyzed. Prerequisite: MUI 221.

MUI 422. Concert Production and Promotion (Fall Semester). 3 credits.

Study of the presentation of cultural and commercial entertainment in the form of concert events from artistic, technical and business viewpoints. The roles of the cultural impresario and concert promoter in contemporary society are examined. Prerequisite: MUI 221 and 323, or permission of the instructor.

MUI 426. Music and Sound Product Merchandising (Fall Semester). 3 credits.

The study of manufacturing, importation, and distribution of music and sound products. An overview of product knowledge necessary for merchandising musical instruments, sound reinforcement systems and audio recording/playback equipment. Prerequisite: MUI 221.

MUI 492. Internship in Music Industry. 3-6 credits.

A supervised off-campus cocurricular learning activity designed to provide practical experience in the music industry. Prerequisite: MUI 221 and 323, and internship application.

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