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Liberal Studies

College of Letters and Sciences

*LS 200. The Age of Pericles. 3 credits.

A team-taught, multi-dimensional study of the forces that shaped the highest cultural and intellectual achievement of Greek civilization. Students will examine the interrelationships among politics, drama, art, philosophy and the attitudes of intellectuals in fifth century Athens.

*LS 240. Aesthetic Values in American Society. 3 credits.

A course which creates an opportunity for students to discover beauty and meaning in the arts and consequently to refine their perceptual skills and aesthetic values. Aesthetic theory will provide a background for discussion of the content and meaning contained in the emotions aroused by perceptions of performances in music, literature, dance, drama and visual art.

*LS 250. Meaning and Response in the Arts. 3 credits.

An interdisciplinary, team-taught course whose focus is the aesthetic experience and the means by which the artist, whether a painter, sculptor, musician, film director or writer, makes that experience happen. Specific works in the visual arts, music, literature and the cinema are examined to unfold the creative process.

*LS 260. The West African Experience: Its Impact on the West. 3 credits.

A study of the West African culture and its influence on the western world.

*LS 300. History of Modern Science. 3 credits.

A survey of the growth of the sciences (including mathematics and medicine) from ancient times through the Enlightenment; a study of 19th century scientific and technological developments; and an analysis of 20th century science. Prerequisite: Six hours of laboratory natural science credits.

*LS 310. The British Foundations of Modern Science. 3 credits.

Fundamental principles from the modern sciences are surveyed by directed exploration of the work of British scientists who were pioneers in their fields. Excursions to historical sites and museums are linked to reading assignments. Prerequisite: Six hours of laboratory natural science credits.

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