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Hotel-Restaurant Management

College of Business

HRM 100. Industry Seminar. 1 credit.

A series of lectures given by non-resident speakers prominent in the hospitality industry.

HRM 250. Dimensions of the Hospitality Industry. 3 credits.

An orientation to the hospitality industry, its objectives, means of achieving these objectives, and opportunities for career development.

HRM 260. College Food Service. 1 credit.

A study of college food service as it relates to the hospitality industry. Organization of various college food services will be introduced as well as their approach to menus, marketing and control of resources. Prerequisite: HRM 250.

HRM 268. Commercial Food Production. 3 credits.

Introduction to food production, service and merchandising in both a classroom and laboratory environment designed to simulate a commercial food service enterprise.

HRM 360. Hotel Operations Management. 3 credits.

Familiarizes the student with the management of hotel operations. Sections of the course will cover front office operations and management, hotel information systems, management of other functional areas within hotels, and the role of tourism within the hospitality industry. Prerequisite: Junior standing.

HRM 362. Hospitality Industry Accounting. 3 credits.

A study of cost control of food and beverage as it applies to the hospitality industry. Prerequisite: HRM 250, ACTG 241 and junior standing.

HRM 365. Hospitality Facilities Planning and Engineering. 3 credits.

Introduces the student to principles of facility layout and design for efficient hospitality operation. Familiarizes the student with principles and practices of engineering management within hospitality facilities. Prerequisite: Junior standing.

HRM 368. Hospitality Marketing and Sales. 3 credits.

Application of marketing principles to the marketing and sales of hospitality services. The course focuses on the elements of the hospitality marketing mix which include: the product-service, presentation, communications, and distribution mix. Additional components of the course include the development of marketing plans for organizations providing hospitality services. Prerequisite: MKTG 380.

HRM 425. Hospitality Industry Management. 3 credits.

Organization, management, personnel and labor as they contribute to the successful operation of the hospitality business. Prerequisite: MGT 300, HRM 250.

HRM 460. Hospitality Industry Internship. 3 credits.

Students engage in supervised work experience in an approved hospitality organization. During this time they complete a management audit of the entire operation. The focus of the internship includes both the operational and strategic aspects of the organization. Prerequisite: Permission of the internship coordinator and the department head.

HRM 468. Commercial Food Production Management. 3 credits.

Course in food service management in which students are responsible for planning and executing various food service related functions on given dates at specified locations. Prerequisite: HRM 268, HRM 362.

HRM 490. Special Studies in Hotel-Restaurant Management. 1-3 credits.

Designed to give capable students in hotel-restaurant management an opportunity to complete independent study under faculty supervision. Prerequisite: Recommendation of the instructor and written permission of the department head prior to registration.

HRM 498. Special Topics in Hotel-Restaurant Management. 3 credits.

This course is designed to allow explorations of areas of current topical concern, or to exploit special situations. Course content will vary. For current course content consult your adviser. Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor.

HRM 499. Honors. Year course. 6 credits.

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