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Graphic Design

School of Art

NOTE: All GRPH courses were previously listed as ART.

GRPH 243. Computer Graphics I (0, 6). 3 credits.

The introduction to graphics on the computer. Students will explore hardware and software that relate to the presentation of graphic design projects. Prerequisite: ART 140 and 160.

GRPH 343. Computer Graphics II (0, 6). 3 credits.

An exploration of computer-aided visualization combining three-dimensional modeling and rendering software. The applications involve the creation and manipulation of 3-D images on the computer. Prerequisite: GRPH 243.

GRPH 344. Design Methodology (0, 9). 3 credits.

Exploration of strategies for conceptualizing, analyzing and solving design problems. Emphasis is placed on graphic presentation of ideas and the creative process. Prerequisite: ART 161.

GRPH 345. Advertising Design (0, 9). 3 credits.

An introduction to the layout and design of advertising. Material covered includes magazine and layout, corporate identity, graphic signs and symbols, history of graphic design, and technical vocabulary. The course stresses economy of thought in the use of composition, color and concept. Prerequisite: ART 140, 160 and GRPH 343.

GRPH 346. Typography (0, 9). 3 credits.

An introduction to letter forms for their aesthetic and communicative value. The assignments are composed of graphic design problems using type as the primary element. Prerequisite: ART 140 and GRPH 343.

GRPH 443 A, B, C. Computer Graphics III (0, 6). 3 credits, repeatable sequentially up to 9 credits.

An advanced course for the exploration of three-dimensional computer animation. Geometric, spatial and textural transformation plus virtual reality will also be explored. Character, object or architectural animation, exterior and interior fly-through animation will be scripted with sound and stored on video tape equipment. Prerequisite: GRPH 343.

GRPH 444. Survey of Graphic Design History. 3 credits.

A survey of the history of graphic design from the Paleolithic period to the present day. The course emphasizes the past 100 years of western design. Prerequisite: ARTH 205 and ARTH 206.

GRPH 446. Type and Image (0, 9). 3 credits.

Involvement in problems relating to designing folders, brochures, posters, record jackets, book and magazine covers. Prerequisite: GRPH 343, 345 and 346.

GRPH 448. Presentation Techniques (0, 6). 3 credits. (Cross-listed as INDE 348.)

The exploration of two-dimensional media: pencil, ink, watercolor, design markers. Problems encourage exploration and control in a variety of design directions. Prerequisite: INDE 145 and 210.

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