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Welcome from Dr. Carrier

Dear JMU Students:

This small book, the James Madison University 1994-95 Undergraduate Catalog, can be an exceedingly powerful publication since it gives you access to a vast array of knowledge. Within this book are the courses that are available at JMU -- the means that our outstanding faculty members will use in broadening your intellectual horizons.

Review the catalog with care. It contains vital information on the various courses that you are required to take and on the most effective progression of courses for the different majors.

As noted in the "University Mission Statement," JMU's academic programs "are designed to contribute to useful and satisfying lives for students by preparing them for professional and career success and giving them an appreciation for life-long learning and community involvement."

The dedicated faculty of JMU will do all in their power to assist you and prepare you for a full and meaningful life after you leave JMU. You must do your part by making your course selections with wisdom and maturity.

My best wishes for success in all that you undertake at James Madison University.


Ronald E. Carrier

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Last reviewed: Sept. 10, 1994
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