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Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures

CLAS 100. Latin and Greek Roots of English Words. 2 credits.

Intensive study of Latin and Greek word-roots, prefixes and suffixes in the forms they take in English words. An English vocabulary-development course for students with no knowledge of Latin or Greek. Does not count toward licensure in Latin.

*CLAS 265. The Individual and Society in Ancient Greece and Rome. 3 credits.

Discussion of literary and historical sources that reflect the attitudes and values of individuals in various social classes. All readings in English.

*CLAS 266. Greek and Roman Classics in Translation. 3 credits.

Discussion of the writings that illustrate the cultural values and intellectual attitudes which constitute the most important legacy of Classical civilization. All readings in English.

*CLAS 336. Myth in Classical and Modern European Literature. 3 credits.

A critical examination of the nature and meaning of myth and its continuing importance in the history of literature.

*CLAS 337. Human Values: The Classical Tradition. 3 credits.

Discussion of the image of people and of the human condition reflected in writings from the eighth century B. C. to the present day. Does not count toward licensure in Latin. All readings in English.

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