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Business Law

Department of Finance and Business Law

BLAW 218. Legal Environment of Business. 3 credits.

A study of the law as a means of social, political and economic change. The American legal system from the standpoint of its sources and philosophy, with special emphasis on business relations and the role of government in effecting them.

BLAW 314. Real Estate Law. 3 credits.

A study of the principles of law governing interests in real estate including acquisition, encumbrance, transfer, rights and obligations of parties, and state and federal regulations thereof. Prerequisite: Junior standing.

BLAW 470. Financial Products: Regulation and Protection. 3 credits.

An inquiry into the legal environment of the financial marketplace. Topics explored include the role of regulatory agencies, the design of contracts which minimize credit risk and maximize marketability, and methods of protecting the proprietary component of innovative financial products.

BLAW 495. Business Law I. 3 credits.

A study of the fundamental principles of law of contracts, sale of goods, agency, bailments and carriers with emphasis on the role these play in both personal and business life; social goals which shall receive legal enforcement and the role of the courts. Prerequisite: Junior standing.

BLAW 496. Business Law II. 3 credits.

A study of the fundamental principles of the law of commercial paper, partnerships, corporations, bankruptcy and anti-trust with emphasis on the role these play in business life. Prerequisite: BLAW 495.

BLAW 497. Legal Aspects of International Business. 3 credits.

Survey of legal implications of international business dealings including foreign direct sales, distributorship arrangements, licensing of technology and legal aspects of the multi-national corporation. The foreign legal environment, relevant conventions and trade regulations, and the transnational reach of regulatory law will be considered. Prerequisite: BLAW 218.

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