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Undergraduate Catalog 1994 - 95

Preface to On-Line Version

All documents with a title beginning with "JMU Catalog:" and a URL in the form http://www.jmu.edu/catalog/*.html are copies of sections of the printed Undergraduate Catalog. If there are discrepancies between the on-line version and the printed catalog, the printed version is authoritative.

Pointers to supplementary material, such as departmental Web pages, extended course descriptions, or courses approved after the catalog was printed will be indicated by square brackets and a double arrow, such as [ => Department Web Pages ]. Such material is not part of the current Undergraduate Catalog.


Welcome from Dr. Carrier
Preface - Changes Underway
University Calendar
Introduction to James Madison University
Tuition and Fees
Scholarships, Grants, Student Employment and Loans
Student Affairs
Undergraduate Programs
Learning Opportunities and Resources
Academic Policies and Procedures
Colleges of the University
Course Descriptions
Continuing Education and External Programs
Graduate School
Administrative Organizations
University Faculty

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Last reviewed: Sept. 10, 1994
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