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Urban and Regional Studies

The minor in urban and regional studies prepares students for careers or graduate training in government. While satisfying the B.A. or B.S. requirements of their chosen major, students may complement that major with a 24 credit hour minor in urban and regional studies drawn from the following courses.

Required Courses              

Credit Hours

SOCI 265. Sociology of the Community


GEOG 376. Urban Geography


POSC 360. Urban Politics


ECON 475. Regional Economics


Choose from the following1:


ECON 326. Public Finance


ECON 340. Economics of Natural Resources


FIN 210. Principles of Real Estate


GEOG 315. Field Studies


GEOL 310A–D/GEOG 310. Environmental Impact (2–3 credits)


GEOL 340. Soil and Land Use


POSC 302. State and Local Government


POSC 495. Internship in Political Science (4 credits)


SOCI 352. Birth, Death, Sex: Exploring Demography


SOCI 361. Bureaucracy and Society



1 Must be in a discipline other than the student's major.