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Music and Human Services

This minor will prepare students for vocational and avocational opportunities to use music performance, education, entrepreneurship and community engagement skills to serve diverse populations in human service settings. Students with interest and musical backgrounds are welcome.

Requirements for the minor are 18 credits; 15 credit hours from a set of core courses and three credits from electives.

Degree Requirements

Credit Hours

MUS 206. Introduction to Global Music


MUS 429. Introduction to Intentional Music


MUS 430. Music in Human Services: Experiences and Practicum


MUED 431. Psychology of Music


MUED 485. Teaching Music to Students with Special Needs


PSYC 250. Introduction to Abnormal Psychology1


Choose three credits from the following:


EXED 200. Nature and Issues of Disabilities (3 credits)


EXED 300. Educational Technology for Students with Disabilities (1 credit)


EXED 306. Lifespan Issues for Individuals with Disabilities (3 credits)


EXED 440. Classroom Management and Professional Collaboration (3 credits)


EXED 443. Assistive Technology Use for Individuals with Disabilities (3 credits)


DANC 325. Dance in Community (2 credits)


MUS 150. Introduction to Technological Applications in Music (1 credit)




1 Access limited; additional sections offered during the summer.