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Film Studies

The minor in film studies is designed for students who wish to extend their critical understanding of visual communication and narrative form by studying how movies tell stories, convey information and influence audiences. Because the program is cross disciplinary, it examines films as both art and entertainment, bringing together the literary traditions of English and the communication perspectives of media arts and design. Together, the aim is to explore cinema’s pictorial “language,” investigate its commercial consequences and evaluate its impact across cultures as a medium for enacting the human story.

Six credit hours may be double-counted between the minor and major. Information is available from the film studies adviser of the School of Media Arts and Design or the Department of English.

Required Courses              

Credit Hours

ENG/SMAD 380. Introduction to Film


Select no fewer than five courses from the following:


ENG 381. History of Film to 1960


ENG 382. History of Film Since 1960


ENG 383. Film Genre


ENG 384. Film Authorship


ENG 385. Special Topics in Film Study


SMAD 371. Narrative Media Studies


SMAD 460. Film and Society


SMAD 461. Film as Art


SMAD 462. Documentary in Film and Television


SMAD 463. Film Adaptations


SMAD 464. Contemporary American Film


SMAD 498. Senior Seminar (when topic is film)