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Book Arts

The minor in book arts is a cross disciplinary program designed to broaden students' understanding of the value and role of the art of the book in general culture while enhancing written and visual creativity, artistic production, and the ability to think independently. Students enrolled in any degree program may minor in book arts by completing a minimum of 21 credit hours. The student’s minor program is subject to the approval of the School of Art, Design and Art History director.

A total of nine credit hours may be double counted between the minor and the major.


Credit Hours

Required Courses


ART 102. Two Dimensional Design


ART 104. Drawing I


ART 276. Introduction to Book Arts


ENG 415. Advanced Studies in Textuality and the History of the Book


Choose one of the following:


ENG 391. Introduction to Creative Writing-Nonfiction


ENG 392. Introduction to Creative Writing-Poetry


ENG 393. Introduction to Creative Writing-Fiction


Choose two of the following:


ART 230. Weaving and Other Fiber Arts


ART 260. Introductory Photography: Black and White


ART 270272 or 274. Printmaking


ART 280. Sculpture


GRPH 200. Computer Graphics


ART/GRPH 375. Letterpress I


ART/GRPH 376. Intermediate Book Arts


ENG 496. Advanced Topics in Creative Writing