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American Studies

The minor in American studies fosters an understanding of the complexity of US, colonial North American and North American indigenous societies through employing a range of disciplinary approaches and topics. Students will enroll in the gateway course AMST 200. Introduction to American Studies, and then they  will select from a list of courses drawn from a variety of disciplines including literature, history, the fine arts, philosophy and the social sciences.

The minor program in American studies is open to all undergraduate students at JMU. The requirement is the successful completion of 18 hours. Students must take five additional courses from the list below. No more than two courses may be from the same program. See the program coordinator for additional courses that may be substituted.

Core Requirements           

Credit Hours

AMST 200. Introduction to American Studies


Choose five:


ANTH 265. People and Cultures in Latin America and the Caribbean


ANTH 312. The Native Americans


ARTH 380. American Art to 1870 or ARTH 482. American Art from 1870

ARTH 484. Art of the Americas

ENG 342. Early American Literature

ENG 343. Antebellum American Literature

ENG 344. Late Nineteenth Century American Literature

ENG 352. The American Novel to 1914

ENG 356. Modern American Novel

ENG 357. Contemporary American Literature

ENG 360. Introduction to Ethnic American Literature

ENG 361. African-American Fiction

ENG 362. African-American Poetry

ENG 363. Native American Literature

HIST 303. Early America

HIST 304. Native Peoples of the United States

HIST 307. The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade

HIST 310. American Business History

HIST 315. History of Sport

HIST 320. Women in United States History

HIST 322. The New South

HIST 323. The Old South

HIST 326. The Automobile in 20th Century America

HIST 327. Technology in America

HIST 330. U.S. Diplomatic History

HIST 338. U.S. Urban History

HIST 339. Selected Themes in U.S. History

HIST 350. Virginia

HIST 355 or HIST 356. Afro-American History

HIST/REL 362. Introduction to U.S. Religious History

MUS 203. Music in America


MUS 356. History of Jazz in America


PHIL 370. American Philosophy

POSC 330. American Political Thought

POSC 368. Interest Groups and Public Policy

POSC 369. Political Parties and Elections

POSC 380. The U.S. Presidency

POSC 382. The Role of Religion in American Politics

POSC 384. Minority Group Politics

POSC 385. The U.S. Congress

REL 330. African and African-American Religion

REL 332. Born Again Religion


REL 334. New Religious Movements


REL 336. African-American Religion

SCOM 346. Free Speech in America

SMAD 372. Media History


SOCI 318. Sociology of Immigration


SOCI 336. Race and Ethnicity


SOCI 341. Sociology of Education


SOCI 357. Sociology of Disasters


SOCI/ANTH 368. Contemporary American Culture


THEA 485. American Theatre