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Women’s and Gender Studies

WGS 200. Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies. 3 credits.
Cross disciplinary introduction to theories and scholarship in Women’s and Gender Studies. Examines the social construction of gender, how gender affects access to opportunity, and the experiences and contributions of women throughout history. Provides a foundation for subsequent work in the women’s and gender studies minor.

WGS 300. Special Topics in Women’s and Gender Studies. 3 credits.
Examination of selected topics of importance to the field of women’s and gender studies.

WGS/SCOM 302. Third Wave Ecofeminism. 3 credits.
This course explores the historically strong association between women and nature, in which the image of Mother Earth is central, and critiques the power-as-domination assumption of our culture shown in the exploitation of women and of the earth itself. Religious, psychological, social, historical and scientific manifestations of this assumption will be examined, along with alternative models of power and responsibility. Students will explore the considerable research on ecofeminism.

WGS 325. Gender and Violence. 3 credits.
This course explores the public nature of private violence, specifically violence committed against women in U.S. culture. Students will investigate the social, political and personal meaning of violence within a gendered context. Throughout the course students will analyze the ways in which demographic, social, cultural, economic and political factors teach us to think about women in violent terms as well as help perpetuate violence against women. Students will consider violence not only in its physical dimension, but also in its symbolic and structural manifestations. Students will also examine the ways in which ideas about race, ethnicity, class, and sexuality affect the degree and types of violence committed against women.

WGS/SOCI 337. Sociology of Gender. 3 credits.
Examination of theories of sex role development, the roles of men and women in society and gender as a social construction.

WGS/JUST 341. Gender and Justice. 3 credits.
This course is an interdisciplinary examination of the causes, structure and consequences of gender oppression. Consistent with the social justice track of the major, notions of fairness, justice and equality with respect to gendered social, political and economic relations will be examined.

WGS/SCOM 348. Communication and Gender. 3 credits.
Study of theories and research regarding the influence of gender in various human communication contexts, both public and private. Emphasis on the critical analysis of existing theory and empirical research and the potential competent uses of communication for social change. Prerequisite: SCOM 121, SCOM 122, or SCOM 123.

WGS/PHIL 350. The Philosophy of Feminism. 3 credits.
An intermediate-level examination of philosophical problems in feminist theory and feminist contributions to philosophy.

WGS 355/MSCI. American Women at War. 3 credits.
This course invites students to engage a series of issues about the role of women in the US military. This course will examine the contributions & experiences of women who served during the American Revolution, the U.S. Civil War, WW I & II, Korea, Vietnam and the Persian Gulf War(s). Also included in this course is an examination of how women in military service both past and present are an instrument for societal change in America specifically in promoting the cause of women’s rights.

WGS/ENG 368. Women’s Literature. 3 credits.
A study of literature by women.

WGS/ENG 369. Feminist Literary Theory. 3 credits.
An intensive study of a variety of feminist critical approaches and their applications to literature.

WGS/ENG 370. Queer Literature. 3 credits.
An exploration of texts and issues in literature written by and about gay and lesbian writers, including critical and theoretical issues as well as questions of canon. Text studied may include fiction, poetry, drama, essays and memoirs written primarily, but not exclusively, in the 20th century.

WGS/POSC 383. Women and Politics in Comparative Perspective. 3 credits.
A study of the causes and consequences of women’s political marginalization in the United States and abroad. The course examines socioeconomic and political dimensions of gender inequality, exploring how women have worked through social movements, electoral politics, and public policy initiatives to overcome obstacles to their political empowerment.

WGS 400. Issues and Research in Women’s and Gender Studies. 3 credits.
The capstone seminar for the Women’s and Gender Studies minor. Focuses on readings in feminist philosophy, history and literature. Students will engage in research in critical issues affecting women’s lives. Prerequisites: WGS 200 and nine hours in the Women’s and Gender Studies minor.

WGS/HTH/NSG 417. Women’s Global Health and Human Rights. 3 credits.
An international and human rights approach providing an overview of health issues within the context of a woman`s life cycle. Attention will be given to critical issues of women`s health such as access to health care and gender based violence. Such issues as sexuality, nutrition, diseases affecting women, violence, harmful traditional practices, and sex trafficking will be discussed.

WGS/SCOM/WRTC 420. Feminist Rhetorics. 3 credits.
Surveys key women figures in classical and contemporary rhetorical traditions and challenges the strategies used to historicize this tradition from feminist perspectives. Explores diverse feminist rhetorical discourses informed by race, sexual orientation, ethnicity and social class. Prerequisite: Junior or senior standing.

WGS/ENG 423. Advanced Studies in Gender and Sexuality in Literature. 3 credits. 
Advanced study of a topic using a gender and sexuality studies approach to literary texts. This course will explore how gender and sexuality and their representation in literature are shaped by social, cultural, historical, and political contexts. Course may be repeated as topic changes. 

WGS/ENG 466. Studies in Women’s Literature. 3 credits.
Advanced study of women’s literary achievements in several cultural and historical contexts. May be focused by theme. Prerequisite: ENG 367 or ENG 368.

WGS/ISAT 485. Gender Studies in Science. 3 credits.
An interdisciplinary course that looks at the scientific process, science practitioners and science students through the lens of gender analysis. Students read literature, lead discussions, perform experiments and analyze both data and processes to address the effects of educational systems on the preparation and careers of scientists, the influence of politics and culture on scientific inquiry, and the effects of critiques grounded in gender analyses on understanding the scientific process.

WGS 490. Independent Studies in Women’s and Gender Studies. 3 credits.
Designed to give capable students in women’s and gender studies an opportunity to complete independent study under faculty supervision. Prerequisites: Admission by recommendation of the instructor and permission of the program coordinator.

WGS 492. Internship in Women’s and Gender Studies. 1-3 credits.
Provides the student with practical experience in employing and refining women’s and gender studies concepts in a public or private agency, under faculty supervision. Prerequisites: Nine hours of Women’s and Gender Studies courses, including WGS 200.

WGS 495. Special Topics in Women’s and Gender Studies. 3 credits.
In-depth examination of selected topics of current importance to the field of somen’s and gender studies. Offered only with approval of the program coordinator and dean of the College of Arts and Letters. May be repeated for credit when course content changes. Prerequisite: WGS 200 or consent of instructor.

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