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University Studies

UNST 102. Career and Academic Planning. 1 credit.
A course designed to prepare students for career and academic planning. Specific content includes accessing career and academic resources, career decision-making skills and self-awareness.

UNST 150. Global Learning and Living: Madison International. 1 credit.
This course provides an opportunity for a diverse cohort of international and U.S. students to learn from and about each other through stimulating discussions, intercultural residence hall programs and the opportunity to participate in service learning. Prerequisite: Participation in the Madison International Learning Community or permission of the instructor.

UNST 151. Making Sense of Beliefs and Values: A Guided Tour for Global Citizens. 3 credits.
This course explores the origin and nature of beliefs and values and how they are linked to actions, policies and practices around the world. These processes are examined through a range of big picture issues (e.g., religious, political, environmental, gender-based, cultural) that are relevant to all global citizens. Through dynamic speakers, discussions, readings, activities and lectures, this course helps students develop a deeper understanding of self, others and the larger world. Prerequisite: Participation in the Madison International Learning Community.

UNST 250. Alternative Break Leadership Training. 1 credit.
A leadership training curriculum that covers a broad range of topics essential to leading an Alternative Break trip. This course incorporates service learning pedagogy. This will be accomplished through the use of affective and cognitive approaches. Personal growth as it relates to core concepts of leadership will be prominent. Emphasis is also placed on peer interaction, active participation, extensive reading, case work and a range of guest speakers. Attendance is required. Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor.

UNST 251. Alternative Break Leadership Practicum. 1 credit.
Hands-on practicum of leadership strategies and techniques. Collaborative learning is enhanced when students apply what they learn in class by describing relevant lessons learned through experiences outside the classroom. The focus of this course is to provide students with the opportunity to lead in an observed setting and receive constant feedback and mentoring on their demonstrated leadership skills, critical reflection, inquiry, dialogue and group interaction. Prerequisite: UNST 250.

UNST 390. Special Studies in University Studies. 1-3 credits.
Designed to give students an opportunity to complete independent study and/or research under faculty supervision in university studies. Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor.

UNST 398. Practicum in University Studies. 1-3 credits.
Selected practicum experiences, which provide students with supervised practicum experiences. Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor.

UNST 475. Dollars and Sense. 3 credits.
This practical course will review the affect a personal philosophy on money, and management of personal finances, has on all aspects of life when it comes to securing the American Dream. Students will learn real life skills in the areas of eliminating debt, creating a budget, understanding investments and insurance, saving money, planning for retirement, shopping for a house and other topics dealing with financial issues faced in daily life.

UNST 490. Advanced Special Studies in University Studies. 1-3 credits.
Exploration of a significant topic in depth. Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor.

UNST 498. Internship in University Studies. 1-6 credits.
The course allows students to receive academic credit for work experienced in an agency or organization related to university studies. Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor.

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