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Public Policy and Administration

PPA 200. Introduction to Public Policy. 3 credits.
This course introduces students to the nature, dynamics and substance of public policy. Selected policy issues in the United States will be examined through the use of case studies. Foreign and global influences on U.S. policy-making will also be analyzed. Issues will vary across course sections and over time. Prerequisite: POSC 225.

PPA 265. Public Administration. 3 credits.
An introductory survey of the principles, functions and processes of public administration with specific emphasis on the political aspects and environment of bureaucracies and the how and why of policy-making within an administrative system. Organizational structure, personnel, budgeting, public relations and government values, traditions and objectives are analyzed. Prerequisite: POSC 225.

PPA 325. Regional Planning and Organization. 3 credits.
Study of trends and issues in the public planning process with focus on regional planning and organization; the relationship of planners and the planning board to their committees. Prerequisite: PPA 200.

PPA 359. Policy Analysis. 3 credits.
Study of public policy analysis. Delivers to students rational and alternative techniques for analyzing public policy while providing them opportunities to develop analytical skills. Prerequisite: PPA 200.

PPA 381. Budgetary Process. 3 credits.
An examination of the political planning and strategies of Congress and federal agencies in the budgetary process; politics of budgetary reform; state and local budgetary politics; and intergovernmental impacts on budgeting. Prerequisites: Junior standing, PPA 265.

PPA 412. Seminar in Intergovernmental Relations. 3 credits.
Study of the relations between the several levels of government in the United States. Political, fiscal, legal, regulatory and administrative relations as they have evolved within federal and state constitutional frameworks will be examined. Prerequisites: Junior standing, PPA 265.

PPA 415. Legal Environment of Public Administration. 3 credits.
Examination of the basic constitutional framework of American public administration. Examines legal constraints imposed on public administrators by law and judicial oversight. Emphasis placed on legal issues affecting public employees. Also examines the basics of public procurement law. Prerequisite: PPA 265.

PPA 420. Public Management. 3 credits.
Study of the management of public agencies from the executive viewpoint. Management control of public agencies will be explored including establishment of goals, policies, organizational structure and output of services. Case studies illustrate administrative behavior and managerial operations in local, regional, state and federal agencies. Does not count as part of the political science major or minor. Fulfills the College of Arts and Letters writing-intensive requirement for the major. Prerequisites: Junior standing, PPA 265.

PPA 460. Regionalism and Urban Policy. 3 credits.
A study of the problems and management of urbanization and inter-jurisdictional externalities from a regional perspective. Regionalism will be examined as an approach to solve these problems. Prerequisite: PPA 200.

PPA 461. Education and Social Policy. 3 credits.
A study of the development and implementation of education policy in the United States at the national, state, and local levels. Students will be introduced to major issues in contemporary education policy and the evaluation of alternative policies advanced by subgroups of the population. Educational equity and its links to social and economic goals will be examined. Prerequisite: PPA 200.

PPA 462. Social Welfare and Local Government Policy. 3 credits.
A study of the interaction of social welfare policy and local governance in theory and in practice. Students examine state and local government and community-based responses to urban problems from a policy and management perspective. Particular attention is paid to interagency and community collaboration as a way to enhance social service delivery. Prerequisite: PPA 200.

PPA 470. Nonprofit Management and Leadership. 3 credits.
This course is designed to introduce students to the fundamentals of governance, accountability, trusteeship, and executive leadership in nonprofit sector organizations. The course will examine critically the principal models, processes, and practices used in managing nonprofit organizations and the relationships between the governing boards and executive leaders of such organizations. Prerequisite: PPA 265.

PPA 472. Contract Management. 3 credits.
The purpose of this course is to provide a broad overview of the theory behind and practical application of contract management. As agencies across government (federal, state, and local) expand the use of contracting billions of taxpayer dollars are transferred into the private sector to conduct public business. This trend is not going away; therefore it is essential that public administrators be effective at managing and overseeing contracts. Prerequisite: PPA 265.

PPA 483. Emerging Issues in Public Policy and Administration. 3 credits.
The course will examine an area of new or emerging interest in the profession of public administration. The course may be repeated for credit with a change in the subject matter. Prerequisite: PPA 200.

PPA 484. Environmental Regulatory Policy and Politics. 3 credits.
A study of environmental politics and the policies that environmental advocacy has produced. Topics include the dynamics of policy construction, various substantive policy issues and the prospects for environmental justice and sustainability. Prerequisite: PPA 200.

PPA 490. Special Studies in Public Policy and Administration. 3 credits.
Designed to give capable students in public administration an opportunity to complete independent study under faculty supervision. Prerequisites: Permission of the instructor and department head.

PPA 492. Senior Seminar in Public Policy. 4 credits.
This research-oriented seminar provides an overview of public policy studies and the different approaches to research in the field. A major research project will strengthen the research, information access and lifelong learning capacities of the students. Fulfills the College of Arts and Letters writing-intensive requirement for the major. Prerequisites: Senior standing, POSC 295 and PPA 359.

PPA 496.* Internship in Public Management. 4 credits.
Provides students with opportunities for experiential learning in a governmental or nonprofit organization. A research paper and a presentation based on the experience are required. Prerequisites: Junior or senior standing, 15 hours of public policy and administration and permission of the instructor.

PPA 496W. Public Management Internship in Washington. 6 credits.
This course provides opportunities for experiential learning in Washington, D.C. in public and nonprofit organizations. Requirements include 360 internship hours, a research paper related to the internship, a career report, and regular meetings with the supervising professor. Prerequisites: Junior or senior standing, 15 credits of relevant coursework and successful application to the Washington Semester Program.
* No more than four semester hours (in any combination of internships) can be counted toward the major.

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