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MKTG 380. Principles of Marketing. 3 credits.
Deals with fundamentals involved in the marketing process; concerned with the functions, institutions and channels used to distribute goods and services from producer to consumer. Prerequisites: Junior standing and a cumulative 2.0 grade point average in all courses taken at JMU.

MKTG 384. Integrated Marketing Communications. 3 credits.
Integrated marketing communications includes advertising, sales promotions, packaging, public relations, publicity, personal selling, direct marketing and event sponsorship. Students will be involved in creating, planning, implementing and evaluating client-oriented projects by developing an integrated marketing communication campaign. Prerequisites or corequisites: COB 300 or MKTG 380 and admission to the marketing major.

MKTG 385. Consumer Behavior. 3 credits.
Deals with the behavioral science concepts of individual and group behavior of consumers. Stresses the application of consumer behavior research to marketing management. Prerequisite or corequisite: COB 300 or MKTG 380.

MKTG 386. Services Marketing. 3 credits.
Application of marketing principles to the services sector. The course focuses on review of customer demand for and assessment of services; the employee/customer interface; services operation management; review of the services marketing mix; and development of marketing plans for service organizations. Prerequisite: COB 300 or MKTG 380.

MKTG 388. Retail Marketing. 3 credits.
Study of the institutions of retailing, retailing research, selection of store location and layout, retail organizational structure, and merchandise planning and management. Retail store image, promotion, retail pricing, retail strategy and retail trends will be evaluated. Prerequisite: COB 300 or MKTG 380.

MKTG 405. Survey Research. 3 credits.
This course covers the techniques and principles, skills and activities that are required to conduct an effective survey project. The course will cover survey planning, survey methods, sampling, survey instrument design, data collection and analysis, and survey reporting. Survey findings are linked to future marketing decision making. Prerequisite: COB 300 or MKTG 380.

MKTG 420. Data Mining. 3 credits.
Examines database applications by which marketers can build a long-term, interactive relationship between their product/service and their customers. Study of the information-driven marketing process that enables marketers to develop, test, implement, measure and modify customized marketing programs and strategies. Prerequisites: COB 300 and MKTG 482.

MKTG 430. Professional Selling. 3 credits.
Provides an understanding of many aspects of professional selling including preparing for selling, selling techniques and the role of selling in our society. Prerequisite: COB 300 or MKTG 380.

MKTG 440. Retail Strategy and Buying. 3 credits.
This course examines merchandising as a major element in the marketing of consumer goods. The student will learn the software tools and formulas for merchandising strategy in a computer mediated environment and the basics of market centers and global sourcing. Prerequisite: COB 300 or MKTG 380.

MKTG 450. Business Marketing. 3 credits.
An analysis of the policies and procedures in marketing to business buyers. The course provides emphasis on special problems connected with the segmentation and target marketing, purchase, distribution, promotion and development of business-to-business goods and services. Prerequisite: COB 300 or MKTG 380. Corequisite: MKTG 465.

MKTG 460. Global Marketing. 3 credits.
Examines marketing in international environments, including foreign entry, local marketing in individual countries and global or standardized marketing across many countries. Emphasis is placed on cultural, economic and strategic variables in deciding how to enter and compete in various markets. Prerequisite: COB 300 or MKTG 380.

MKTG 465. CRM Technology for Sales Professionals. 3 credits.
The objective of this course is to introduce students to customer relationship management (CRM) technologies used in professional selling. Students will investigate sources of customer data, data management technology, and the use of customer information for professional selling. The course develops technology skills applicable in carrying out sales strategies. Prerequisite: MKTG 430. Corequisite: MKTG 450.

MKTG 466. Advanced Professional Selling. 3 credits.
The purpose of this class is to build on the selling skills first learned in MKTG 430. It will focus on enhancing existing skills and learning new ones in order to even better prepare students for a successful career in sales. In addition, students may be selected to compete in regional or national sales competition during the semester. Prerequisite: MKTG 430.

MKTG 470. Strategic Internet Marketing. 3 credits.
Studies the culture and demographics of the Internet and examines online business strategies. Students will learn the hardware and software tools necessary for Internet commerce, identify appropriate target segments, develop product opportunities, price structures and distribution channels over the Internet and execute marketing strategy in computer mediated environments. Prerequisites: COB 300 or MKTG 380 and MKTG 384 or permission of the instructor.

MKTG 477. Digital Marketing Practicum. 3 credits.
With an applied focus, this course introduces students to some of the most important and fastest growing sectors in online marketing. Students apply marketing theories in a uniquely applied manner as they become active learners involved in an online marketing campaign, facing real pressures similar to those in the professional workplace (i.e., account management, client relationships, financial constraints, market competition, time limitations, technology, etc.). Student teams will work with actual clients on online marketing campaigns. Throughout their campaigns, students continually make finance, advertising and marketing decisions. Students gather real world data using online marketing dashboards to gain a strong understanding of real market conditions. Students experience traditional advertising concepts such as copy writing, cost per thousand (CPM), return on investment, as well as online marketing concepts such as click-through-rate (CTR), cost-per-click (CPC), conversion rates, landing page strategies, and optimization techniques. Prerequisites: MKTG 470 and permission of the instructor.

MKTG 480. Product Development and Management. 3 credits.
The process of developing new products will be developed and explored. The marketing tasks which are unique to this operation will be investigated. An understanding of the marketing management of products throughout their life cycles will complete the course. Prerequisite: COB 300 or MKTG 380 or permission of the instructor.

MKTG 482. Marketing Analytics. 3 credits.
This course focuses on the use of information technology and marketing metrics to increase marketing productivity. Students learn how to evaluate marketing strategies and performance using database queries and statistical analysis. Information technologies are applied in market segmentation and target marketing, lifetime value analysis and RFM (recency, frequency and monetary value) analysis. Prerequisites: COB 300 or MKTG 380 and admission to the marketing major.

MKTG 485. Marketing Management. 3 credits.
Case studies are used to develop analytical and decision-making skills. Knowledge gained from previous course work is applied to actual circumstances faced by marketing managers in private, public, profit and not-for-profit organizations. Extensive preparation of case materials outside of class provides the basis for case presentations and discussion of case situations in class. Prerequisites: COB 300, MKTG 384, MKTG 385 and senior standing.

MKTG 490. Special Studies in Marketing. 1-3 credits.
Designed to give capable students in marketing an opportunity to complete independent study under faculty supervision. Prerequisites: GPA of 2.8, instructor recommendation and department head approval prior to registration.

MKTG 494. Marketing Internship. 3-6 credits.
A course providing an opportunity to work in and deal with industry to gain insight into the realities of modern business. Prerequisites: COB 300 or MKTG 380, minimum cumulative GPA of 2.80, senior standing, recommendation of the internship coordinator and approval of the director prior to registration.

MKTG 498. Special Topics in Marketing. 3 credits.
This course is designed to allow explorations of areas of current topical concern or to exploit special situations. Course content will vary. For current course content consult your adviser. Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor.

MKTG 499. Honors. 6 credits.
Year course. See catalog section "Graduation with Honors."

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