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Learning, Technology and Leadership Education

LTLE 150. Information in Contemporary Society. 3 credits.
Concerns the individual’s need for information, especially that which will assist in solving problems related to everyday needs and interests and with the agencies and resources which can help to meet those needs. Will not count as social science course for teacher licensure.

LTLE 370. Instructional Technology. 3 credits.
Principles and procedures of a teaching/learning process designed to provide reliable, effective instruction to learners through systematic application of instructional technology. Includes selecting, producing, evaluating and utilizing nonprint media and equipment for application to instructional process.

LTLE 372. Visual Literacy. 3 credits.
This foundational course will cultivate the ability to evaluate and create conceptual visual representations. Students will practice the necessary critical attitude, principles, tools and feedback to develop their own high-quality graphics for learning and performance. Topics also include the impact of visual literacy on the learning process related to instructional design, instructional technology and information presentation.

LTLE 374. Photography for Learning. 1 credit.
Students will develop a basic understanding of the principles of photography, including the use of related digital equipment and the 35mm SLR camera. Note: All needed equipment will be supplied.

LTLE 375. Selected Topics in Media. 1-3 credits.
An in-depth study of a narrowly defined topic or practice in media. May be repeated for credit when course content changes.

LTLE 376. Video for Learning. 1 credit.
Students will develop an intermediate understanding of the principles of instructional video design, production and post-production editing including the use of related hardware and software. All needed equipment will be supplied.

LTLE 378. Web Design for Learning. 1 credit.
Students will develop an intermediate understanding of the principles of website design including the use of HTML and design templates. Note: Server space will be provided for one semester. Students may move their websites to another server space afterward.

LTLE 385. Foundations of Instructional Design. 3 credits.
The purpose of this course is to apply instructional theory to the creation of instructionally sound education programs and materials.

LTLE 470. Diversity and International Human Resource Development. 3 credits.
The course prepares students for meeting the challenges presented by globalization and workforce diversity in HRD. Topics include the impact of increasing globalization and diversity on HRD and the workplace, cross-cultural communications, conflict resolution in diversity settings, global diversity management, ethics and cross-culture leadership competencies. It examines and explores theories and techniques for dealing with institutional “isms” (e.g. multiculturalism, sexism, ageism). Prerequisites: LTLE 240 and LTLE 245; Must be a human resource development or educational media minor or major.

LTLE 475. Seminar in Leadership. 3 credits.
Designed to provide senior-level students with the opportunity to face some of the dilemmas of leadership. Students will be encouraged to critically examine leaders and organizations to draw from real events the ambiguities of leadership. Course will involve extensive reading, case work and a range of guest speakers. Prerequisite: LTLE 245.

LTLE 490. Special Study in LTLE. 1-3 credits.
Designed to provide in-depth and up-to-date exposure to the topics/issues pertinent to human resource development and allow students to explore topics of special interest in human resource development. Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor. 

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