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Interdisciplinary Social Science

ISS 200. Introduction to the Social Sciences. 3 credits.
The course serves as an introduction to the social sciences. It includes a review of the general content of selected social sciences with emphasis on primary foci, methods employed and perspectives guiding each disciplinary approach. The course will vary each semester according to the interests and specialization of the instructor(s).

ISS 300. Experiential/Service Applications. 3 credits.
Provides students with practical work experience through an internship, service learning program, etc. This experience culminates in the application of knowledge and skills emerging from previous courses. Prerequisite: Junior standing.

ISS 330. Maps, Money and World Trade. 3 credits.
This is an interdisciplinary class designed to help students, especially future teachers, integrate perspectives from various disciplines, especially history, geography, and economics, into a coherent account of an increasingly globalized world. We will pay particular attention to map construction and use (both historical and contemporary) and the relationship between economic ideas and world events, focusing on a variety of case studies over the last millennium.

ISS 400. Senior Seminar in Social Science. 3 credits.
The course builds upon all previous course listings and serves as the final integrating experience providing closure to the interdisciplinary social sciences. Students are expected to integrate theories, research and/or methods from several social science disciplines to present a senior level research paper. The course will vary each semester according to the interests and specialization of the instructor.

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