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Independent Scholars

IND 200. Interdisciplinary Scholarship: Introduction to the Independent Scholars Major At JMU. 3 credits.
IND 200 is designed to introduce students to the Independent Scholars major, and to the concepts of interdisciplinary study. Students will explore interdisciplinary research in a range of contemporary areas of study, including scientific, environmental, political, social, and cultural perspectives. Students will also gain familiarity with the possibilities for individualized study at JMU. Successful completion of the course will involve the development of proposals for individualized curricula.

IND 300. Independent Scholars Workshop. 1 credit.
IND 300 is a one-credit workshop course designed to provide students in the Independent Scholars major (ISM) with methodological competencies linked to major learning objectives across their curriculum, including independent research methods, preparing presentations, data visualization, research methods, working with teams, and enhancing intellectual creativity. Prerequisite: IND 200.

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