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Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies

IDLS 350. Literacy and Society. 3 credits.
An exploration and analysis of societal literacy practices as viewed through cognitive, cultural, class, workplace and technological lenses. Prerequisite: WRTC 103 or equivalent.

IDLS 391. Study Abroad. 1-6 credits.
Credit for academically-grounded, interdisciplinary study abroad. Students seeking credit must secure the approval of the department head and a faculty supervisor who will provide the academic structure, assignments and student evaluation.

IDLS 395. Topics in Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies. 1-6 credits.
Examination of selected interdisciplinary topics of importance to teacher education content areas. May be taken for a maximum of six credit hours toward the major.

IDLS 400. Seminar in Liberal Studies. 3 credits.
Capstone seminar for IDLS students in the humanities/social sciences content area. Students will apply different disciplinary perspectives to a single topic. Course requirements will emphasize superior written and oral communication skills and the integration and application of content area knowledge to the teaching environment. Prerequisites: Students must have completed their IDLS core requirements and be within one course of completing the track. Education students should be in their third semester of their teacher education program.

IDLS 486. Internship and Field Experience. 1-6 credits.
IDLS credit for academically-grounded internships and field experiences. Students seeking credit must secure the approval of the department head for the use of academic structures, assignments and evaluation plans provided by qualified internship or field experience supervisors.

IDLS 490. Independent Study in Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies. 3 credits.
Individualized projects in interdisciplinary liberal studies. Prerequisite: Permission of the director.

IDLS 499A, B and C. Honors. 1-6 credits.

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