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Family Studies

FAM 133. The Contemporary Family. 3 credits.
Concepts of variations in forms and lifestyles of families. Consideration is given to the family life cycle and the interdependency between the family and society.

FAM 300. Child Development. 3 credits.
A study of the factors influencing the physical, cognitive, social and emotional growth of the young child. Emphasis is given to the importance of family relations and development of observational skills. Prerequisite: PSYC 101, PSYC 160 or equivalent.

FAM 335. Parent-Child Relationships Across the Lifespan. 3 credits.
Focuses on intergenerational caregiving and interactions across the lifespan and generations. Uses a developmental framework to explore family life as the territory in which people fulfill relational responsibilities to children and parents while simultaneously attending to independent life stage challenges. Prerequisite: FAM 133 or SOCI 276.

FAM/GERN/NPS/SOWK 375. Grant Writing for Agencies. 3 credits.
Emphasizing active learning, this course teaches the basics of grant and proposal writing. Efficient research, persuasive prose and the importance of relationships are stressed. Private and corporate philanthropy and government grants are examined.

FAM/SOWK 386. Youth Empowerment Strategies (YES). 3 credits.
Students learn to use group activities that include the creative arts, low ropes and self-discovery in youth empowerment. The goal is to help youth build life skills and make informed decisions. Prior to beginning work with youth, students complete 25 hours of training.

FAM 400. Issues and Applications. 3 credits.
This seminar is designed to integrate and apply knowledge from the student’s major and the family issues minor. A substantial, in-depth Individualized project will strengthen the student’s capabilities in research, information access and self-directed learning. Prerequisites: FAM 133 or SOCI 276, three additional courses in the family studies minor, and junior or senior standing.

FAM 487. Special Topics in Family Studies. 3 credits.
Examination of selected topics that are of current importance to family studies. Course may be repeated for credit. Prerequisite: FAM 133 or SOCI 276.

FAM 490. Special Studies in Family Studies. 1-3 credits.
The course is designed to give capable students in family studies an opportunity to complete independent study under faculty supervision. Course may be repeated for credit. Prerequisites: FAM 133 or SOCI 276 and two additional courses in the family studies minor or permission of the instructor.

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