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EDUC 100. The Study of the Future: An Interdisciplinary Approach. 3 credits.
Introduces the students to an interdisciplinary study of the future within the context of education. Various topic areas, such as population, science/technology, lifestyle, economics, international relations, energy and religion will explored in terms of future trends and how education responds to these trends and their impacts.

EDUC 300. Foundations of American Education. 3 credits.
A study of the practices and issues that affect American education. Consideration is given to such topics as philosophical approaches to education, history of American education, and the organizational and cultural aspects of schools which influence educational practices.

EDUC 310. Teaching in a Diverse Society. 3 credits.
This course will examine how personal and professional values, attitudes, beliefs and behaviors affect teaching and learning. The pre-service teachers will develop an understanding of similar unique characteristics of Pre-K to 12 grade students and their families, including culture, race, ethnicity, heritage language and learning abilities, gender socialization and sexual orientation. Corequisites: MIED 311 and READ 312 for middle students.

EDUC/EXED 312. Field Experience in Special Education and Diversity. 1 credit.
Students devote 30 clock hours to activities in school and nonschool settings that emphasize diversity of individuals and families. Corequisite: EDUC 310.

EDUC 370. Instructional Technology. 3 credits.
This course introduces educators to the concept of content knowledge, pedagogical knowledge and technological knowledge acting together as one unit to provide successful learning opportunities with educational technology. Learners will develop competencies that will enable them to appropriately select and integrate technology into the teaching and learning process.

EDUC 381. Field Experience in English as a Second Language. 3 credits.
The course provides supervised field experiences in working with English as a Second Language students, NK-12. Preservice teachers will demonstrate competencies developed in the English as a Second Language endorsement program and in consultation with a field supervisor. Prerequisite: Completion of ESL minor requirements.

EDUC 401. Problems in Education. 1-3 credits.
Workshop experiences for the development and training of teachers. Prerequisites: EDUC 360 and permission of the program coordinator.

EDUC 416. School Discipline and Classroom Management. 1 credit.
Theory and practices in classroom management and discipline, including specific models and the various legal aspects will be examined.

EDUC 430. General Education Curriculum K-12 Overview. 1 credit.
This course will provide an overview of curriculum in grades K-12. An understanding of objectives, content, materials and trends associated with curriculum will be addressed. Corequisites: READ 430, MIED 530 and EXED 410.

EDUC 480. Student Teaching. 3-12 credits.
Enables students to apply, in the public school classrooms and the comprehensive child development programs, those skills and attitudes acquired in all components of teacher education. Under the guidance of university supervisors, students are provided activities designed to familiarize them with the classroom teacher’s role. Prerequisites: PSYC 160, EDUC 300 or EDUC 360, appropriate methods courses, and permission of the coordinator of field experiences.

EDUC 482. Professional Development, Partnership and Advocacy. 3 credits.
Students examine opportunities for professional development from professional associations, universities and other organizations across Pk-16. Strategies to build partnerships with colleagues, families and communities are presented. Important social and political issues affecting education of majority and minority students and models of advocacy for students and their families are presented.

EDUC 490. Special Topics in Education. 1-4 credits.
In-depth examination of selected topics which are of current importance in the field of education. Offered only with approval of School of Education director. May be repeated for credit when course content changes. Prerequisites: At least junior standing and consent of the instructor.

EDUC 499 A, B, C. Honors. 1-6 credits.
Independent research topic initiated and completed by qualified upper-division students. See catalog descriptions entitled “Graduation with Distinction” and “Graduation with Honors."

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