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Business Analytics

BSAN 391. Quantitative Business Modeling. 3 credits.
This course addresses a wide range of complex business problems through quantitative modeling and appropriate computer applications, especially spreadsheets. Approaches include optimization and sensitivity analysis, multi-objective decision making and risk analysis. Prerequisites: Declared BSAN minor, COB 291 or equivalent with a grade of “B-” or higher, and junior or senior standing.

BSAN 392. Descriptive and Predictive Analytic Methods. 3 credits.
This course integrates advanced analytical methods from statistics and management science for enhanced understanding of business performance and improved predictive capabilities. The emphasis is on applying computer applications for statistical modeling and analysis of data from a variety of business processes to support managerial decision-making. Prerequisites: Declared BSAN minor and BSAN 391.

BSAN/CIS 393. Predictive Analytics and Data Mining. 3 credits.
This course focuses on quantitative techniques and computer applications that allow the extraction of useful, previously unrecognized information from large data sets for predictive purposes. By effectively sifting through databases such as those generated by many businesses, data mining allows the analyst to recognize potentially important patterns and to target business opportunities. Prerequisites: Declared BSAN minor, BSAN 391 and BSAN 392.

BSAN/CIS 490. Special Studies in Computer Information Systems or Business Analytics. 1-3 credits.
An advanced course in information and/or business analytics designed to give qualified students an opportunity to complete independent study under faculty supervision. Prerequisites: Senior standing, recommendation of the instructor and written approval of the department head prior to registration.

BSAN 498. Special Topics in Business Analytics. 3 credits.
An advanced course designed to allow exploration of current topics in business analytics. Course content will vary. See adviser for current content. Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor.

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