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ENVT 200. Environmental Systems Theory. 3 credits.

Explores three aspects of understanding the environment. First, the kind of problem the environment is and the thinking strategies that will best yield insights and understanding. Second, how humans create and/or respond to environmental issues and crises. Third, examination of past environmental changes and how humans have been affected by and responded to those changes. Final synthesis explores what we can and cannot do practically to respond to future changes. Does not satisfy elective credit or count as credit for geology or earth science majors.

ENVT 400. Capstone Seminar in Environmental Problem Solving. 3 credits.

Integrates perspectives from three environment programs: environmental management, environmental science and environmental studies. The course is team taught using a case-study approach to environmental issues, emphasizing teamwork and student initiative. Topics vary. Prerequisites: Completion of 15 hours in declared environment minor or permission of the instructor. Students wishing to complete more than one of the environmental minors (environmental studies, environmental science, environmental management) may receive dual credit for ENVT 400.

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