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Interdisciplinary Studies
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Interdisciplinary Studies
  International Affairs
  Dr. Jessica R. Adolino, Coordinator
  Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies
  Interdisciplinary Social Science
  Dr. Sue E. Spivey, Coordinator
  African/African-American Studies
  Dr. David Owusu-Ansah,
  Dr. Jacqueline B. Walker,
  American Studies
  Dr. Laura Henigman, Coordinator
  Asian Studies
  Dr. Chong-kun Yoon, Coordinator
  Biochemistry and Molecular

  Dr. Jon Monroe, Coordinator
  Dr. Rosa Rivera-Hainaj, Coordinator
  Classical Studies
  Dr. Ann Wiles, Coordinator
  Creative Writing
  Criminal Justice
  Dr. Peggy Plass, Coordinator
  Environmental Information

  Dr. Steven P. Frysinger, Director
  Environmental Management

  Dr. Steven P. Frysinger, Director
  Environmental Studies
  Dr. Stan Ulanksi, Director
  Family Studies
  R. Ann Myers, Minor Adviser
  Film Studies
  Dr. Charles Turner, Coordinator
  R. Ann Myers, Minor Adviser
  Health Information Systems
  Dr. Stephen Stewart, Minor Adviser
  Historical Archaeology Minor
  Dr. Clarence Geier, Minor Adviser
  Human Services
  R. Ann Myers, Minor Adviser
  International Humanities
  Lamont King, Coordinator
  Latin American Studies
  Dr. Charles Blake, Coordinator
  Political Communication
  Dr. David A. Jones, Coordinator
  Russian Studies
  Dr. Mary Louise Loe, Minor Adviser
  Substance Abuse Intervention
  Jeanne Martino-McAllister, Minor Adviser
  Dr. Malcolm Lane, Minor Adviser
  Urban and Regional Studies
  Dr. Stephen E. Wright, Coordinator
  Women’s Studies
  World Literature
  Dr. Ramenga Mtaali Osotsi, Coordinator
  Center for Materials Science
  Dr. Gerald Taylor, Director
  Institute for Innovation in Health and Human Services
  Dr. Vida Huber, Director
  Institute for Environment
  Dr. Steven Frysinger, Chair
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