Dr. Malcolm Lane, Minor Adviser
Phone: (540) 568-2772

The interdisciplinary minor in telecommunications is designed to augment the student’s major program with a package of courses that will prepare the graduate to obtain a position as a telecommunication/network professional and fill a societal need in one of the fastest growing areas of technology.

The program is developed as a minor principally for three major programs: computer science; integrated science and technology; and computer information systems. However, the program is open to any undergraduate with an interest in telecommunications and some computer background.

The telecommunications minor will instill knowledge of the following:

The requirements for the minor are 18 credits shown below. Students are encouraged to check prerequisites. At most four courses can be used to satisfy both the telecommunications minor and a student’s major requirements.

Minor Requirements Credit

Courses Hours

IT 320. Telecommunications and Information Processing 3

SMAD 356. Telecommunications Policy and Regulation 3

CS 460. Local Area Networks 3

CS 461. Internetworking 3

CS 462. Network Applications Development 3

Choose one of the following:

CS 239. Advanced Computer Programming 4

IT 331. C Programming Language 3