Latin American Studies

Dr. Charles Blake, Coordinator
Phone: (540) 568-6344

This minor allows students to acquire a deeper understanding of Latin America . In addition to the B.A. degree language requirement in Spanish, the Latin American studies minor consists of a minimum of 18 hours (six hours must be HIST 267-268) selected from the courses listed. Students should select courses in at least two disciplines other than the major and are encouraged to explore the possibility of studying in a Latin American country for a semester or summer session.

For additional information about the minor in Latin American studies, contact the coordinator.

Credit Hours

HIST 267. History of Latin America 3

HIST 268. Contemporary Latin America 3

Choose from the following: 12

ANTH 265. Peoples and Cultures of Latin America and the Caribbean

ANTH 325. Aztec, Maya and Their Predecessors

ANTH 364. U.S./Latin American Borders

ANTH 395. Special Topics in Anthropology

ANTH 490. Special Studies in Anthropology

ECON 312. Comparative Economic Systems

ECON 365. Economic Development

ECON 370. International Trade and Trade Policies

ECON 372. International Finance and Payments

ECON 490. Special Studies in Economics

FL 490. Special Studies in Foreign Languages (Spanish)

GEOG 337. Geography of Latin America

GEOG 490. Special Studies in Geography

HIST 399. Special Studies in History

HIST 445. Latin America and the United States

HIST 446. Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean

HIST 447. South America

POSC 350. Latin American Politics

POSC 361. Contemporary Problems in International Affairs

SOCI/ANTH/SOWK 348. Third World Societies

SOCI/ANTH 352. Birth, Death, Sex: Exploring Demography

SOCI 490. Special Studies in Sociology

SPAN 300. Spanish Conversation and Composition

SPAN 308. Latin American Civilization

SPAN 315. Spanish Phonetics

SPAN 330. Business Spanish

SPAN 400. Advanced Conversation

SPAN 415. The Spanish-American Novel