International Humanities

Lamont King, Coordinator
Phone: (540) 568-4168

The minor in international humanities encourages students to explore the cultural environments of civilizations outside of the English-speaking world of Great Britain and the United States . Emphasis is on literature, history, art, and religion, with opportunities for additional studies in philosophy and music. Studies Abroad students are encouraged to discuss possible substitutions with the coordinator. The requirement for successful completion of the minor is 24 credit hours.

All students are required to complete 6-credit hours from the Gateway courses. Students then complete a minimum of 9-credit hours in Concentration One. The remaining 9 credit hours may be selected from among courses in Concentration One and/or Concentration Two. The courses selected must represent four disciplines. Only 6 credits from a student’s major discipline may be double-counted in the minor concentrations. Students may select one 200-level course beyond the Gateway Requirement; all other courses must be at the 300-400 level. With the approval of the coordinator, one course from the electives list or a selected topics course from one of the participating disciplines may be substituted for a course in the concentrations.

For further information and a complete list of the courses in each concentration, contact the coordinator.


Courses Hours

Gateway Requirement 1

Select one: 3

GENG 239. Studies in World Literature

GARTH 205. Survey of World Art: Prehistoric to Renaissance

GARTH 206. Survey of World Art: Renaissance to Modern

Select one: 3

GHIST 101. Global Culture to 1650

GHIST 102. Global Culture Since 1650

GREL 101. Religions of the World

GPHIL 101. Introduction to Philosophy

Concentration One

Select courses from the literature, history, art, philosophy, and

religion of Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America 9-18

Concentration Two

Select courses from the literature, history, art, philosophy, and

religion of Europe 0-9

Approved Elective 0-3


1 The two courses selected to complete the Gateway requirement may double-count in General Education Cluster Two.