Human Services

R. Ann Myers, Minor Adviser
Phone: (540) 568-6980

This program was developed as a possible minor component to three existing major programs: public administration, sociology and psychology. The program is structured to fit the needs of the three respective majors but is open to any undergraduate student. The requirement for the human services minor is a minimum of 24 credit hours. A minimum of six credit hours must be taken from each of the following areas: psychology, public administration or social work/sociology. For a student majoring in psychology, public administration or sociology, six hours must be completed from the major courses and a minimum of nine credit hours must be completed in each area outside of the student’s major. Courses can be selected from the following list:

Credit Hours

Psychology (choose from the following): 6

PSYC 345. Social Psychology 1

PSYC 435. Community Psychology 1

PSYC 440. Basic Counseling Skills 1

Public Administration (choose from the following): 6

MGT 365. Human Resource Management

PUAD 265. Public Administration 1

PUAD 381. Budgetary Process 1

PUAD 420. Public Management 1

Social Work/Sociology (choose from the following): 6

GSOCI 210. Social Issues 2

SOCI 361. Bureaucracy and Society

SOCI 375. Medical Sociology

SOWK 288. Social Welfare

SOWK 317. Introduction to Social Work Practice

SOWK 342. Child Welfare Services

SOWK 442. Social Work in Health Care

Electives chosen from the above list 6


1 Check prerequisites for course. 2 May not be used to meet General Education requirements.