Health Information Systems

Dr. Rob Koslow, Minor Adviser
Phone: (540) 568-6510

The interdisciplinary minor program in health information systems is designed to augment the student’s major program with a package of courses that will allow the graduate to fill the need for health information systems professionals.

Students will become valuable liaison members in the interactions between the information systems area and other areas in the health care system.

The program is developed as a possible minor component principally for two major programs, computer science and health sciences. The health information systems minor is one of the approved minors required in the health science major. However, the program is open to any undergraduate major and complements a variety of undergraduate programs.

The health information systems minor will instill knowledge of the professions, medical facilities and financial institutions that participate in the delivery of health care, basic accounting and standard financial practices of health care systems, and the techniques and methodologies of database development and information systems design. The health information systems minor will include experience in internships, practica and collaborative and interdisciplinary problem solving involving health care systems. The required internship is a full-time, eight-week, 40-hour per week experience that is usually completed during summer.

The minimum requirements for the health information systems minor are 18 credits as shown. Students are encouraged to check prerequisites.


Minimum Requirements Hours

COB 241. Basic Accounting I 3

CS 274. Introduction to Databases 3

CS 474. Database Design and Application 3

HTH 354. U.S. Health Care System 3

HSA 464. Funding in Health Care 3

HTH/HSA 454. Internship in Health Organizations 3