R. Ann Myers, Minor Adviser
Phone: (540) 568-6980

The interdisciplinary minor in gerontology is designed for any undergraduate major desiring a concentration of study in gerontology for personal understanding or career preparation. The minor program requires 18 hours of study in gerontology. Upon completion of the minor program and satisfactory completion of a gerontology assessment test, a certificate in gerontology will be awarded.


Minor Requirements Hours

GERN/SOCI 280. Social Gerontology 3

GERN 305. Programs and Services for the Elderly 3

GERN 400. Skills and Techniques 3

GERN 495. Field Experience/Seminar 3

Major elective (a course supporting the student’s major or related 3

field of study with 50 percent of the course content in gerontology)

Elective (must be a course in which the content is at least 3

50 percent in gerontology)