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Vocational Education

School of Education

VOED 383. Curriculum and Instructional Procedures in Vocational Education. 3 credits.
The study and development of techniques and methods to provide vocational education instruction to secondary school students. Competencies to be developed will include planning for instruction, applying different methodologies and assessing student performance and progress. The relationship of vocational education to other curricular areas will also be addressed.


VOED 400. Cooperative Vocational Education Methods. 3 credits.
A study of cooperative vocational education programs and the appropriate methodology to administer those programs. Emphasis placed on the skills necessary to operate effective cooperative education programs. Field experience is included.


VOED 490. Special Studies in Vocational Education. 1-3 credits.
In-depth examination of selected topics that are current and relevant in the field of vocational education. Offered with the approval of the School of Education director. Course may be repeated for credit when the content included changes.