This tutorial makes use of the free online image editor

  1. Go to

  2. Pixlr tutorial Select "Open image from computer" and open your image.  

  1. Pixlr tutorial Select "Aspect Ratio" from the Constraint drop down. Enter the Width and Height:

    Feature - Width: 5, Height: 3
    Facebook Cover - Width: 851, Height: 314
    Profile - Width: 3, Height: 4

  1. Pixlr tutorial Move and resize the wire box so that it only contains the section of the image that you want to keep. Press Return.
  1. Pixlr tutorial Select "Image" -> "Image size..." Enter one of these widths:
    Feature: 1200
    Facebook Cover: 815
    Profile: 900
  1. Pixlr tutorial Select "File" -> "Save..." Enter a name ending in ".jpg" and save to file to your computer.

Add your image to Cascade by doing New - yoursite - then selecting this new .jpg file and fill in the Display name and title - cutdown images are automatically generated by Cascade.

Another resource for Timeline cover photos is:

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