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Assessment Graduate Assistant
Year Started at JMU: 2021

As the Assessment Graduate Assistant, I work to ensure that UCC is effectively working to achieve student learning with all of their programs, resources, and appointments. To do this, I help analyze data, create intentional programs, report progress towards goals, and make suggestions for changes.

My Career Journey

I got my undergraduate degree in Experimental Psychology at the University of South Carolina (Go Cocks!). During my time there I did various internship experiences including working with the S.C. Department of Mental Health and as a Registered Behavior Technician. After graduating, I worked as a Psychometrist administering and scoring psychological, intelligence, memory, and academic testing to people of all ages and backgrounds.

I'm currently in JMU's MA in Psychological Sciences program, in the Applied Research concentration. I'm able to use my experience in research, statistics, and psychological assessment in a new way within my assessment role, here at UCC.

More About Me

3 words that describe me:

  • Enthusiastic
  • Curious
  • Warm.

Some fun facts about me:

  • I spent a semester studying abroad in Sevilla, Spain and have been to more than 10 different countries!
  • I love creating and admiring different forms of art, from painting to fashion to culinary arts.

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