Media Student Assistant
Year Started at JMU: 2018

As a media student assistant, through creative means, am helping JMU students become aware of the opportunities available to them to help advance their professional career. It is also a great opportunity to work collaboratively with my UCC Team Members where we can help make our creative ideas happen.

My Career Journey

I entered JMU the fall of 2018. My first semester at JMU I did a semester abroad in London, where I travelled to Paris, France and Edinburgh, Scotland. After my semester abroad, I came back spring semester where I was accepted into the SMAD program. Skip to the summer of my sophomore year, I was accepted to participate in the New York study away program to create a short film over the summer. Unfortunately, the program was cancelled due to COVID-19. Since Covid-19 ended my sophomore year short and there was so much unknown about it, I stayed home by entire Junior year and did virtual learning. Now as a senior I am back on campus. I have a job with the University Career Center, am rushing Alpha Phi Omega (APO) and hope to reapply to participate in the study away New York Program. After college I hope to move somewhere out to the west coast or move back to London.

More About Me

3 words that describe me:

  • Creative
  • Resourcefull
  • Honest
3 fun facts about me:
  • I am passionate about any visual art medium but I am specifically passionate about photography and film.
  • I am also a foodie and will try at least anything once.
  • I went to London my first semester freshman year of college and my hope is to live there someday.

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