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Steps to Searching

Beginning a job or internship search can be both exciting and daunting. Once you understand the process, you can approach your search with confidence. Think in terms of selling a product, and you are the product. You need to know what you are marketing, who your target is, and how to best market and sell your skills, education, and potential!

Our Suggested Steps

  • Know How to Market Yourself: Identify personal qualities that you want to highlight for an employer, and know how to tailor those qualities to resonate best with the employer.
  • Your Professional Image: Your professional image is more than looking good at the interview. Focus on your professional image in email, on the phone, and in social media, too.
  • Resumes: Learn how to write a strong resume, because it is the chief marketing tool to obtain a job or internship.
  • Cover Letters and Correspondence: Cover letters, letters of inquiry, and thank you notes are important components of summarizing your professional attributes.
  • Identify Jobs and Internships: Find jobs and internships in the visible job market that match the opportunities you seek.
  • Uncover Jobs and Internships by Networking: Find jobs and internships in the hidden job market that match opportunities you seek by identifying, developing, and strengthening your network.
  • Career Fairs: Prepare to attend career fairs by knowing how to put your best foot forward when networking with employers.
  • Interviewing: Learn how to prepare for an interview and best articulate your qualifications and experiences during an interview.
  • Offers: Determine how to evaluate offers, handle multiple offers, negotiate, and make a decision to accept or not accept the position.

Individual Job and Internship Searching Help

Individual Career Counseling

Working individually with an academic and career adviser provides a self-paced, face-to-face opportunity to get support in exploring majors and careers. Academic and career advisers assist students of all academic levels during individual appointments regarding career and academic decision-making and planning. You can schedule an appointment online or by calling us at 540-568-6555.

Resume Reviews

There are multiple ways that we can help you with your resume. Learn more about CAP resume review opportunities.

Cover Letter and Other Correspondence Reviews

Career & Academic Planning staff can review and provide feedback on your cover letter or other job search correspondence during a 30-minute individual meeting. At minimum, you need to have a first draft written to schedule an appointment. You can schedule an appointment online or by calling us at 540-568-6555.

Practice Interviews

You can practice your interviewing skills in one of two ways: by conducting an online practice interview using our InterviewStream service, or by signing up for a practice interview with an employer.

Books in the Resource Center (SSC 3rd Floor)

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