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When a course reaches the limit of seats available due to (a) space in the classroom or lab or (b) because the instruction requires the size of the course be limited to a certain number, the course is closed, meaning that you cannot register for it on MyMadison.  In special cases, the department or the instructor may be able to give you a seat even though the course is closed.  This action is called an override

In order to see the closed classes on MyMadison, uncheck Open Classes Only in the search criteria.

Requesting an Override

In most cases, you must approach the instructor of the class to request an override. However, there are certain departments that have a centralized override request process and require that you submit an online override request form.

Online override forms include:

Overrides are not provided for General Education Cluster 1 classes, or Communication Studies classes (GCOM, SCOM).

If the override process is not centrally organized and you need to contact the individual instructor to request an override, you may:

  • Email the instructor.  All faculty email addresses can be found in the Campus Directory. You may or may not receive a reply to your email as instructors are often overwhelmed with email requests for overrides at the start of the semester. 
  • Stop by the instructor’s office.
  • Go to the classes prior to the start of the first class.

Explain to the professor why you wish to be in their class and ask if he/she will give you an override.

Registering for the Course

If the instructor tells you that you may have an override, you are not registered for the class until you go onto MyMadison and register for it.  Most likely the instructor will refer you to the administrative assistant for the department who will either give you a permission number to enter into the appropriate space when adding the class on MyMadison, or your ID will be entered into the system so that you are able to add the class.  Sometimes overrides have an expiration date, and if you don’t use them by that date, you will lose the override.

View your schedule on MyMadison after registering to be sure that the course is on your schedule.