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Promotion Best Practices

In addition to monitoring your application and RSVP numbers on Handshake, we encourage you to partner with us on promoting your opportunities and events to our JMU students and alumni at no charge.

Please consider the following best practices:

Promotion Policies

View our Recruiting Policies for our policies regarding promotion.

Types of Promotion
  • Handshake Pin
    • Handshake pins are position and event announcements on the student view of Handshake.
  • Handshake Target Email
    • Handshake target emails are emails sent to employers' target student groups, such as students of a specific class year and major.
  • Digital Display Slide
    • Digital display slides are 16x9 PowerPoint slides that are distributed and displayed on screens across campus.
    • Slides are displayed for a few seconds, so keep content brief and relevant.
    • Consider the following information for inclusion: 
      • Your company logo
      • Your current position(s)
      • Your recruiting event(s)
      • Application deadline
      • Event date
      • Instructions directing students to apply or RSVP on Handshake.
    • We also have Digital Display Slide Templates that you are welcome to use.
  • Blog Post
    • Blog posts are published on our blog and shared with students through our weekly planner and social media sites. 
    • Complete the appropriate Blog Post Template and email to handshake@jmu.edu after requesting promotion.

Request Promotion

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