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Every semester, the Practice Interview Program (PIP) provides students the opportunity to practice their interview skills directly with employers like you.

How It Works

As an employer participant, you can request a full-day schedule (8:30am-4:15pm), which includes 8 interview slots, or a half-day schedule (morning or afternoon) which includes 4 interview slots. Participating in the program is a commitment to conduct a professional practice interview with students from various majors and share feedback with them on what they did well and how they can improve their interview performance.

Each interview is 45 minutes in length. You will begin by conducting the practice interview for 20 minutes and then pause for 5 minutes to provide the student with initial feedback using a rubric provided to you that day. You will then continue with the practice interview for 15 minutes and end with 5 minutes of final feedback. Providing feedback halfway through the interview is an opportunity for the student to learn how to improve their interviewing skills and then practice directly applying them with you for the second half of their interview, an important step in effectively preparing students to be polished interviewers.

What Employers are Saying

"The quality of related experiences displayed by JMU students was impressive. It was certainly worth my time to come."
"JMU students all seemed eager and professional. They were very open to feedback and happy to learn. I enjoyed working with them."
"Every student was personable and welcomed feedback from the practice interview process."

What Students are Saying

"The recruiter provided a lot of great input that I will carry in future interviews. It was a great experience."
"It was prompt and timely, offered a meaningful learning experience. I definitely advise other students to use this resource."
"This was my first professional interview. I think that it was very helpful and thank you for giving me the opportunity! I plan to sign up for more in the future."

94% of students report the feedback received from the interviewers in this program is "excellent"!
92% of students report feeling they can make a best first impression during their next job interview after participating!
97% of students report that the interviewers address their specific interviewing performance concerns in this program!
100% of students rate their Practice Interview experience as "Good" or "Excellent"

Learn More

Feel free to use these common interview questions or write your own to use in your practice interviews.


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