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Career & Academic Planning Staff

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Graduate Students | Media Team | Career Educators | Volunteers


mary nina tracy jen
Mary Morsch
Nina Stensby-Hurst
Associate Director
Tracy Hakala
Associate Director
Jennifer Litwiller
Associate Director
denise chandra Shelly
Denise Rudolph
Assistant Director
of Employer Relations & Recruiting
Chandra Lane
Assistant Director
of Staff Training & Development
Shelly Laurenzo
Assistant Director
for the First-Year Advising Program

Career & Academic Advisors

Learn more about our liaisons and the academic programs they serve.

marcus chris bj Michelle Gnoleba Teal Golden
Marcus Anderson
Liaison to Humanities, ArtsComm
Chris Campbell
Liaison to Hospitality & Sports Mgt
Social Sciences
Barbara Daniel
Resource Ctr 
Michelle Gnoleba
Liaison to Education
Teal Golden
Liaison to Technology & Engineering
Laura Cassidy Lawson Sylvia Lee Venus Miller
Laura Hickerson
Internship Liaison
Cassidy Lawson
Liaison to Health & Human Services
Sylvia Lee
Liaison to Science & Math
Venus Miller
Liaison to Business

Employer Relations Staff

Emma Brady Donna
Emma Maynard
Recruiting Programs Coordinator  
Brady Schwendeman
Donna Pettit

Support Staff

Cheryl Bonnie Shana
Cheryl Buel
Administrative Assistant
Bonnie Ham
Executive Secretary
Shana Pettit

Graduate Students 

Meredith Andrea Pope Bonnie Fisher Renee Bernier
Meredith Kozikowski
Employer Relations GA
Andrea Pope  
Advising & Career GA
Bonnie Fisher
Advising & Career GA
Renee Bernier
Advising & Career GA
Aaron Myers Pernell Whitfield Matthew Olmstead Chelsea Wood
Aaron Myers
Assessment GA
Pernell (PJ) Whitfield
Practicum Grad Student
Matthew Olmstead
Practicum Grad Student
Chelsea Woods
Practicum Grad Student

Media Team

Emily Blake Danielle Brenna Molly
Emily Blake
Communications Coordinator
Danielle Ruble
Publicity SA
Brenna Cashen
Publicity SA
Molly Jacob
Publicity SA
Erika Lyn Mia
Erika Lynn
Website SA
Mia Brabham
Video SA

Career Educators

Alesea Wimmer Carrie Bao Diamond Blathers Devan Darnell
Alesea Wimmer
Career Educator Assistant
Carrie Bao
Career Educator
Diamond Blathers
Career Educator
Devan Darnell
Career Educator
Gabby Erestain Emily Farina Stephanie Gamble Kennedy Heidel
Gabby Erestain
Career Educator
Emily Farina
Career Educator
Stephanie Gamble
Career Educator
Kennedy Heidel
Career Educator
Cassidy Lippert Kelli Louthan Dina Manco Lidiana Melaku
Cassidy Lippert
Career Educator
Kelli Louthan
Career Educator
Dina Manco
Career Educator

Lidiana Melaku
Career Educator 

Christine Provino Logan Reed Sarah Sweatman Rebecca Sirra
Christine Provino
Career Educator
Logan Reed
Career Educator
Sarah Sweatman
Career Educator

Rebecca Sirra
Career Educator 


Becca Warden
Centennial Volunteer