Deborah Whaley - “Black Women in Sequence: Re-inking Comics, Graphic Novels, and Anime” (Video not available)

Robert Meganck - “Lessons from Life and Rock & Roll: How to stimulate the creative process and what pit-falls to avoid” (Video not available) 

Libby Larsen - “The Role of the Musician in the 21st Century” (Video not available)

Kent Greenfield - “Corporations Are People Too: (And They Should Act Like It)”

NT Wright - “Looking at History, Searching for God: But Where to Start?”

Joseph Fins - “Severe Brain Injury and Disability Rights: Why the Sciences and the Humanities Must Be in Conversation”

Giuseppi Mazzotta - “Liberty and Grace in Dante’s Divine Comedy” (Video not available)

Eric Montgomery - “Cross-Currents of Vodu(n) and Orisha: Spirits and Slaves in African Diaspora”

Pato Hebert - “What You May Not See: Mobilizing Social Change Through Art and Imagination”

Martin Feely - “The Connemara Marble: the trans-Atlantic significance of this proposed global heritage ornamental stone”

Adam Ockelford and Graham Welch - “How We Make Sense of Music: Evidence from Neurotypical and Neurodiverse Populations”

Yiyun Li and Amy Leach - “Dear Friend, From My Life I Speak to You in Your Life”

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