Joseph Abramo: “Thinking about Disability through Music Making”

Nalini Bikkina: “Development-Induced Displacement: Case Studies of Impact and Community Engagement from India”

Beth Burroughs: “Why Should Students Model with Mathematics? “

Karina Chavez: “Activism at the Crossroads: Fugitive Sanctuary and Coalition Possibilities Through Queered Immigrant Politics” (video not available)”

Yarneccia Dyson: “Embracing Diversity and Social Justice: The Use of Creative Methods in Teaching, Scholarship, and Service with Diverse Communities”

Jonathan Gray: “Superheroes and Super Athletes: Exceptional Blackness and the Contradictions of Race in Post-Civil Rights America”

David LaGuardia: “I Like that Polyester Look’: 1970s Popular Culture and the Autobiographical Problem of Nostalgia “

John Nolan: “Extreme Math!” (video not available)”

Christy Olezeski: “Working with Transgender and Gender Variant Populations: Health Considerations”

Brian Rosenberg: “The Purpose of the University: Higher Education in an Age of Polarization”

Richard Rubenstein: “Beyond Partisan Moralism: Conflict Transformation in an Era of Personalized Politics”

Hugo Van Der Merwe: “Transitional Justice Lessons for America from S***hole Countries”

Kevin Willmott: “Taking Ownership: Making Films of Race and History”

Keith Woods: “Covering Race, Ethnicity & Culture in a Divided America”

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