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I am a new graduate student in the lab of Dr. David McLeod here in the biology department at JMU.  After graduating with a B.S. in Zoology from NC State University in 2013 I held various research technician positions in the US and abroad, working with mostly reptiles and amphibians, after which I decided to pursue my own research through a graduate degree.  My interests broadly center on reptile and amphibian biodiversity and conservation with a special focus on tropical amphibians.  For my thesis work here at JMU I hope to delve into the world of microbiology and learn  how microbial communities affect anuran habitat choice and resilience.  My area of interest is the biodiversity hotspot, Borneo, an island in Southeast Asia.  I hope to work closely with specific Bornean frog species to see how deforestation and anthropogenic landscape changes are affecting their habitat choice, especially around areas that have been logged to make way for palm oil.

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